Make a Donation to Small Sums

Your donation of any amount can help us continue to assist homeless individuals on their path to more stable lives and out of their homeless situations. Making a donation to Small Sums is easy. You may make a one-time or recurring donation to Small Sums via PayPal, a secure and protected website. Thank you for your contribution!

One-Time and Monthly Donations

Your one-time donation will go toward helping a Small Sums client get back to work. With the donations we receive from generous individuals, we can afford to pay for the tools, transportation, licensing fees (if applicable) and the required shoes or clothing for a client’s job. Thank you for your donation!

Make a One-Time or Monthly Donation Now!

A monthly gift is especially helpful because it creates a dependable consistent source of funds that we can count on, day in-day out!


Other Ways to Help

Network for Us

  • Connect us to your congregation, community or civic group for the opportunity to speak about our mission.
  • Recommend of connect us to your employer foundation, or family foundation that accepts grant proposals for organizations that work with the homeless. We’d love to apply for funding support.
  • Connect us to manufacturers of work clothes or tools for in-kind donations

Workplace Matching

  • Bring us into your workplace for a presentation for employer-matching funds or employee-supported programs. Contact your employer’s Human Resources Department to see if your workplace matches donations to Small Sums.


  • Organize Roadside Kindness Packet assembly project as a service project.
  • Contact us to learn about more ways to volunteer.