Client Spotlight: Driscilla and Priscilla

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Client Spotlight: Driscilla and Priscilla

Driscilla and Priscilla have been without a home for over 6 months and have been staying at Catholic Charities St. Paul shelter. They have both been hired as crew members of a popular fast food restaurant. They both had kind words to say regarding their experience at Small Sums and the assistance they received.

Driscilla: “I started a new job with no money and I needed the essentials for work–black pants, non-slip shoes, and a bus card to get there. I was carrying around bags but now that you all gave me a backpack to put my clothes in it looks like I’m going to school instead of being homeless.”

Priscilla: “This assistance will help me because I am working towards my goals of having a home. When I got hired I felt like God gave me another chance at life. I probably could not keep this job if I had not gotten help from Small Sums.”

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