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Small Sums provides assistance to individuals who are homeless with items (work clothes, work shoes, bus pass, trade tools) to help with accepting a job, or licensing or certification fee assistance in order to accept employment.

ARE YOU ELIGIBLE? Please check below.

  1. I am currently homeless or in unstable housing;
    • Eligible: shelter, temporarily staying with others, living in street or car, transitional housing, or sober housing,
    • Not eligible: listed on lease, correctional halfway house, Section 8, other permanent public housing, living with parents, living with spouse who has lease.
  2. AND, I have a verifiable job offer or have started a new job in the last two months. (Employment requirement: minimum of 25 hours/week.)
  3. OR, I have completed requirements needed for professional licensing, registration, or certification and need assistance with fees for them.

If you are eligible and are working with a referring agency/partner, please ask the referring staff for the application password to access our application below.

If you are eligible and are not working with a referring agency/partner, please call Small Sums for the application password to fill in below: 651-242-9441.

Applications must be filled out online; applications are not accepted at our office and client assistance meetings are only scheduled after employment has been verified.  No walk-in appointments.

Because of funding limitations, there are a limited number of assistance slots.

We will get started with your application as soon as we receive it. We know it is important to respond quickly. We must verify your employment with employer, so please complete as much information as possible. You will need to contact us after you have submitted the application (651-242-9441) to find out if we can fund your assistance request. Contact information and instructions are provided on the Application page.

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