Who is eligible to apply for assistance from Small Sums?

Small Sums  accepts applications from adults (18+) who are homeless or in unstable housing – staying in a shelter, temporarily staying with others, living in street or car, sober housing, or temporary transitional housing (no GRH, Section 8, correction halfway housing) and have a verifiable job offer or have started a new job in the last two months.  Or for homeless individuals who have completed requirements needed for professional licensing, registration, or certification and need assistance with fees for them.

What is the process for those seeking assistance through Small Sums?

  • Call Small Sums main number, 651-242-9441, to determine if eligible.
  • If eligible and an assistance slot is available (preference is given to applicants from referring organizations), eligible applicants will be given an application password to use to fill out on online application.
  • Once the completed application is received at our office, we contact the listed employer to verify employment. (Usually done the day application is received.)
  • Once employment is verified, a Small Sums staff member will contact applicant to schedule meeting time to get assistance and fill out acceptance paperwork.

How long do Small Sums applicants have to wait for assistance?

As soon as applicants are determined eligible and employment is verified,  we move very quickly to make sure clients get what they need to start work.  Most applications are processed the day received and assistance is usually provided within 24-72 hours of application.

Where do I find the application?

Yes, you can find the application for assistance here.

Can people receive assistance more than once?

No, Small Sums only provides help one-time per client in a lifetime.

Do the people who are profiled actually receive cash from Small Sums in order to cover their expenses?

No, we never give out cash.

How does Small Sums work?

Learn more about Small Sums’ programs here.

What is At Home Group?

At Home Group is a Minnesota-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization and the parent organization of Small Sums.

Could someone from Small Sums come speak to my group?

Yes,  Executive Director Terre Thomas would be delighted to speak to your group. Please email her at TerreT@SmallSums.org with details.

May I donate to a general fund or a specific program?

You can donate to our general fund or designate your donation to go to a specific program.

I’m interested in making an in-kind donation, does Small Sums accept in-kind?

We accept only new items as in-kind donations. Please contact us at ContactUs@SmallSums.org with specifics. Make sure to include what type of item or service you would like to contribute, as well as your contact information.

I have a question that’s not answered here, can I contact someone?

You can contact us using the information below:

e-mail: ContactUs@SmallSums.org
Phone: 651-242-9441

Office:  1222 University Ave W, St. Paul, MN  55104

Mail:  P.O. Box 40561  St. Paul, MN 55104