On the Job: Erica

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On the Job: Erica

We met Erica when she was referred to us by St. Lowes Church. She was struggling to find stable housing, but was shortly going to be starting a new job as a chef. She came to us for help and we sent her to Midway Uniform to make sure she was outfitted with chef jackets and pants, and we also gave her a new pair of nonslip shoes (good for in the kitchen). We also gave her a set of chef knives and a new knife bag to transport them. We also provided her with a bus pass.

In our client meeting she made the humbling remark “Until we can learn to be thankful, we can succeed in nothing.”

In a thank you note she said: “I was homeless and unemployed. I am employed now and on my to moving to my own place…I am so grateful and thankful!”

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